i invite you


Are you ready to LIVE, LOVE, and LEAD as an empowered being?

I have traveled a lot in my life, and I have explored some amazing places on this earth.
But the most epic journey of my life has been the journey that has happened within
– from my mind to my heart and body.

“My desire is for you to become empowered on your life journey. To integrate all parts of yourself. To remember you are whole and complete exactly as you are. And to find your true, authentic expression.”

After years of listening solely to the guidance provided by my mind,
I started listening to the wisdom in my body.
I anchored myself to pleasure and self-love and woke up to my true wild nature.

As a result, I feel more connected to myself and everything around me.
I feel free to be me.

If you want to feel that too, come journey with me.



more pleasurably


What lights you up and brings you joy?

Pleasure for me is about being fully present in my life. It’s about self-care and self-love.
When I am focused on my pleasure, I can fill myself up
and from there I have more to give to others and to the world.

It’s easy to get caught up in hiding our desires, dimming our light and serving others first
– I was certainly raised this way, and I know many others were as well.

“Our only limits to pleasure are the limits we put on ourselves.”

We all have the capacity within ourselves to feel pleasure in any given moment. Do you know how?

Slow down and feel.

As you awaken sensation in your physical body, you awaken your emotional body.  
And from here, you can begin to explore the world around you and find pleasure anytime anywhere.
You begin to feel more connected.

Let your desires unfold.

How much can you allow yourself to feel?
What gets in the way of you being able to access your pleasure?

I invite you to become a pleasure researcher and let the experiment begin.

Learn more about how I became a believer in following my pleasure.



more fully


How can you love yourself to the core of your being?

Our primary relationship in life is, and always will be, to ourselves.
How can you love yourself to the core of your being?
Because the truth is that you are whole, complete and lovable just as you are.

When you focus on love of self first, you attract the kind of people who also love and put themselves first
and you can meet in a place of resonance and fullness.

Our essence and true nature is love. And by seeing and feeling that in myself,
I have been able to enter into deeply connected relationship with others.

“When you feed and nourish yourself first, you can connect and give to others from a filled-up place of generosity.”

I don’t need my partner to complete me. I have found that within myself. Do I forget sometimes?
Of course! But I have the tools to come back to myself over and over and over again.

What do you need in order to live your true, authentic expression?
How can you experience deep, loving connection in your intimate relationships?
How can you create clear boundaries with your partner that honor your commitment to yourself?

These are questions that are alive for me and I welcome the opportunity to journey with you as you explore the answers for yourself.



more authentically


How do we bring love, connection and authenticity from the bedroom to the boardroom and why is that essential?

The world is hungry for inspired leadership – in our businesses, our communities, our schools and in our relationships.
How do we create this in the world?

We become inspiring leaders. We bring integrity, honesty, gratitude and generosity to all our interactions
– whether it is with an intimate partner or a work colleague.

We speak our truth. We ask for what we want – and we learn that it’s okay if we don’t always get it.
We aren’t afraid to claim our desires.

As we awaken to our true nature, align with our inner guidance and trust our inner truth, we empower ourselves take inspired action
– to choose how we want to show up in the world moment to moment.

“The more connected we are to ourselves, our physical and emotional body, the more connected we are to the world around us and the more compassionate and empathetic we become toward others.”

This is the leadership that I would like to see more of in the world.

Are you aligned with your thoughts, words and actions?
How can you lead from an inspired and connected place and inspire others to do the same?

If this inspires you, let’s continue the conversation.

Each of us must heal the heart and wake up to our inner beauty on our own, for the sake of humanity.”
— John Welwood